Many of you have been waiting for an update on the potential need to make-up missed snow days; we’ve been waiting for an answer on the  legislation currently being discussed in the MI legislature.

The Michigan Public Act 94 of 1979 as amended, stipulates school districts must schedule a minimum of 180 days and 1,098 hours of instruction each school year to avoid a state aid financial penalty.  Our balanced school schedule complies with the state requirements.

Public Act 94 also states school districts may be excused from making up the equivalent of 6 “snow days”.  The MI Department of Education State Superintendent also has the authority to grant an additional waiver of up to three (3) days for excessive inclement weather days.  We applied for the waiver, and it has been approved, thereby waiving a total of 9 days of school. However, we had 11 total snow days this past winter.

Although several bills are currently in the legislature to address excessive snow days this year and the Governor’s declared State of Emergency back in January, the state legislature is currently on their spring recess, so it will likely be later in April before we may know anything new.

Meanwhile, during the March school board meeting, a modified school calendar was approved to make-up the two snow days. If House Bill 4206 does not pass, we will have school on Friday, May 24th, and Friday, June 7th, to make-up the snow days.

We will keep you updated as we learn more, but as of now, please plan on having school on May 24th and June 7th.