Innocademy Allegan Campus Curriculum

Below is a brief overview of Innocademy Allegan Campus’ curriculum. These resources support the teachers’ work of teaching the common core standards that have been adopted by 42 states. For grade level guides to the standards for English Language Arts and Math visit

Brief Overview

Subject Curriculum Assessments Additional Information
English Language Arts:
Reading, Writing,
Teachers College
Reading & Writing
Fountas & Pinnell
Running Records
NWEA Reading
Fluency Y5- 1st
NWEA MAP 2-8th
M-STEP 3-7th
PSAT 8th
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Spanish Language Arts
(for Las Huellas
Senderos Fountas & Pinnell
Running Records
NWEA Reading
Fluency: Y5- 1st
NWEA MAP 2-8th
M-STEP 3-7th
PSAT 8th
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Daily Spanish
(for Classic Students)
Teaching Proficiency
Through Reading &
Unit assessments &
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Math K-5th: Investigations in
Numbers, Data, and
6th-8th: Connected
Mathematics Project 3
Unit assessments
Delta Math K-8th
M-STEP 3-7th
PSAT 8th

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Social Studies TCI Unit assessments &
M-STEP 5th & 8th
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Science Mystery Science K-5th
Project Learning Tree
& Project Wild
Outdoor Discovery
Center partnership
Unit projects
M-STEP 5th & 8th

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Social Emotional
Second Step N/A Learn More
Global Mindset Empowering Students
to Improve the World in
Sixty Lessons
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In addition to our core curriculum of ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies, “Specials” classes are offered in 40 minute classes per week throughout the year for all students.

These classes are where students experience an integration of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. Often, students are learning conjunction with their core classrooms while participating in the STEAM classrooms.

In lieu of Specials classes, on occasion middle school students can choose an alternative class, such as learning and working as a teacher assistant, coding, or completing a stewardship activity.


There are no rules in art, just inspiration. Students grow creatively as they study art history, the masters, elements, principles, and culture. Students are exposed to art, encouraged to express themselves, and then celebrated as individuals whose work is personal and meaningful.


Music is an integral part of educating the whole child at Innocademy Allegan Campus. Music helps child development by stimulating neural pathway development leading to greater gains in core academics, growing an appreciation for other communities’ music and cultures, and developing each child’s own passion within music.

Learn To Be Fit

L2BF is fully intended to be a foundation to develop a lifelong healthy lifestyle and enhanced quality of life. Motor skills are developed in games and sports. Cognitive skills are developed with a focus on nutrition, strategy, and physiology. Students apply personal and social values in their activities while interacting with one another and respecting individual differences.

Field Experiences

We believe that part of educating the whole-child involves exposing the students to a myriad of opportunities. The trips that are planned for our students to progress in range and depth as they grow from a younger friend to an oldest friend.

Our goal is to have students experience real-world applications of content they’re learning in the classroom, as well as provide opportunities to explore the natural world within our very own communities.

Students visit the Fennville library, take walks around our property, hike the dunes, explore Remington Forest, participate in activities at the Outdoor Discovery Center, and are exposed to the arts…to name a few of the field experiences we’ve provided in the past.


Kindergarten is the start of an exciting and new educational journey. At IAC, we want to make sure your child has a great start to their academic career by recognizing their strengths and building on them. We keep our student-teacher ratio low to ensure we can meet the needs of our little learners.

Because many 5- and 6-year old children are naturally curious about the world around them, we use a nature-based learning approach where we spend part of our day exploring the great, big world around us.

When we are in the classroom, we do most of our learning in small groups to ensure each child is challenged appropriately. We also strongly believe in the importance of play and incorporate an element of play into our daily routine.  

Nature-Based Outdoor Learning

We’ve formed a  partnership with the Outdoor Discovery Center Education Network to help us with student achievement and whole-child student growth that encompasses emotional, social, spiritual, and physical well-being.