Mission & Values


By embracing Innovation, we inspire our students to be global leaders and thinkers who positively impact others at home and abroad.



TRUST is the foundation in all our relationships. Our families know that their welfare and growth is critical to each one of us. We share information and honor commitments. Our parents give us their children and know we treat them as our own.


We SERVICE our students and families by recognizing and accommodating their unique gifts and needs. We also encourage our students and families to use their gifts and talents to service others in our community.


We take RISKS…lots of calculated risk, because that is how innovation and improvement is born. We embrace change and new challenges, because we know that change inevitably leads to growth!


We have FUN to ensure that we are enthusiastic and passionate. We throw ourselves at problems, smile, laugh, share what we feel, own it, and do fun things together as a team. We strive to instill that same mentality in our students while learning!


In our TEACHER LED school, there is no “they.” Each teacher owns school responsibilities and teaching responsibilities where their passion and gifts can be utilized to benefit the whole. We all get DIRTY HANDS and like it – and encourage our students to do the same!


We BALANCE faith, family, and hard work….we hustle, push, reflect, challenge, and sometimes work longer to get the job done. We also recognize the importance of pursuing our own personal passions outside of the workplace.


We INVEST in individuals by empowering, growing, honoring and connecting with one another.  Our parents are heavily involved in our vision to invest in our students to give them every advantage for the future. We know that the personal investments that we make with our students and families now will result in lifelong growth.


GRIT is a subtle value that we work to instill in all of our students. Grit is a combination of passion and perseverance, a belief that failure can be overcome. It’s a willingness to conquer challenges, instead of avoid them. What an incredibly important idea this is; one that helps us grow and learn! Whether our staff and students are hiking in the great outdoors or tackling a complex math problem, grit is a critical piece of whole child development.