Happy Monday! Every Monday morning we meet as a school to start the week off on a positive note.

Here’s what we talked about on March 4, 2019:

This week’s Be Nice Challenge is to EMPOWER – learn a new coping skill and identify those around you that can help you when you are upset. Students in grades 2-8 have been given a list of 100 coping skills and are challenged to find 5 that they can practice this week. K-1st Grade students are challenge to draw a picture of people that can help them when they are having a hard time.

This week’s Social Skill is Following Instructions. Our fabulous Hope College Psych Intern, Kaitlin, made a video with the first grade class to demonstrate this skill. She will be doing videos for each of our 16 basic social skills this semester! Click HERE to watch the video. 


We then drew 10 winners from our “Be The One” ticket drawing. Kids can earn tickets for doing a great job on their work, showing kindness, and being helpful throughout the week to be entered into a weekly drawing for prizes.

Have a great, WARM week!