Hard to believe we are getting close to our first break week of the year. Reminder that we have no school September 1-8. We return on September 11 for a full week schedule, Monday through Friday.


School begins promptly at 8:45 am. If your child arrives at school after 8:45 am or needs to leave early for an
appointment, you will need to sign them in on the sheet located on the clipboard at ou reception area. It is critical that we report our attendance accurately to the State of Michigan. If, for any reason, your child(ren) will be abesent on a school day, please contact IAC either by phone (269.561.4050) or by email (krista.schrotenboer@innocademy.com)

After 3 days ofunexcused absences or 5 excused absences, a letter will be sent home as a reminder of the importance of regular
attendance. A truancy officer will be consulted for 8 or more unexcused absences or 10 or more excused absences. An excused absence is due to illness, medical appointment, funeral, or travel and requires parentcommunication with IAC. If you do not communicate with us, it is considered an unexcuses absence.

Food Bags

A letter was sent home this week regarding our partnership with Childrens First Lakeshore to provide food bags for our students over the weekend. Please make sure to return that signed form to ensure you get a weekly food bag if you need it.


IAC partners with Fennville for our food service and we are pretty proud of all the delicious options we are able to give our students. With the adoption of the Free Lunch Program in Michigan there have been some new requirements from the state that we wanted to note:

1) First and most importantly, if your child is arriving later than 9am and needs a school lunch, please let us know via email or phone call to the office. Ms. Mary needs to make a very specific amount of food, and is limited in her ability to make extras. We need to know exactly how many meals to make each day. 

You can call the office at 269-561-4050 or email krista.schrotenboer@innocademy.com

2)  Your child can still pick up a milk if they have home lunch, however, they now need to choose 3 items (ex. milk, fruit, veggie). They can no longer just take a milk. 

3) If your child is taking a school lunch, they must take a fruit and veggie on their tray. 

Notice to Parents

Please read below for a Notice about our Pest Management Program for our school grounds.