We were blown away with how many of you joined us for our first ever Morning with Misses breakfast. A big thank you to the PTO for planning this fun event. A glimpse of the student pics is below. All of the pictures will be uploaded to our FB page within the next few days.

Field Day

We started the day with Morning with Misses and ended with Field Day. The students did a frisbee toss, a cup stacking relay, a crab walk soccer game and an obstacle course. Judging by the looks on their faces, they had lots of fun. Thanks to Ms Shelly and Ms Jess for planning this fun morning outisde!

Attendance Reminder

If you child needs to miss a day of school or come in late/leave early, please let us know.

It is so important that we hear from you.

If you have not communicated with us, your students absence is recorded as unexcused.

Also, if your student is out sick, it really helps if you let us know what it is they are sick with (ex… stomach flu, cough, sore throat, pink eye, etc..) Thanks!