Break Week: October 14-18 and No School Friday

Just a reminder that we’re on break next week and have no school on Friday, October 11th, for teacher professional development. 

Current Funding Proposal for Charter Schools

Thanks to those of you who have reached out over the last few days and asked about an important veto made by Governor Whitmer this last week.
The Governor’s veto means that charter schools will not receive the $240 per pupil increase slated to be awarded to all public school students in Michigan. 

Should her line item veto stick, it means our schools; Innocademy, Innocademy Allegan and iCademy would need to reconfigure our current budget to absorb the $155,000 + projected deficit. As you can imagine. This would be a huge blow as we are already 3 months into the school year.
As always, we will work to keep kids’ needs at the forefront, however, absorbing $155,000 will impact programming.

There is still a chance that the Governor’s veto will not stick. We would gladly accept your help!Our charter organization, IES (Innovative Education Services) is a registered non-profit; not a business looking to reap financial gain from educating our students. Our elected officials need to know that our students at Innocademy, Innocademy Allegan and iCademy Global deserve the same funding awarded to students choosing traditional public schooling. 

Please take a peek at the summary statement, talking points and FAQ’s attached. Easy read and super helpful. You can use the link, below, to share your thoughts with your elected officials.

Governor Whitmer cuts charter school funding!URGENT: Governor Whitmer cuts charter school funding! Governor Whitmer used her power to veto the originally proposed budget increase to the foundational allowance for charter school students, and charter school students alone.  This targeted…

Thank you for joining us in the continuous fight to secure the best education possible for your students.

Head Lice

We wanted to inform you that we have had a case of head lice at school.  Lice and eggs are most commonly found by the ear area, the crown of the neck, and in bangs, although they can be found anywhere.  Eggs are usually laid no more than a few inches away from the scalp.  They are shinier than dandruff and are stuck to hair shaft. We do have a “No Nit” policy at school meaning that children must be kept at home until they have no remaining eggs in their hair. They will have to be checked by a staff member before they have the ok to return to school. We have attached a few resources you can look at about lice facts and myths as well as how to treat it.  Please let us know if you have any question.