By embracing innovation, we will inspire our students to become global leaders and thinkers who positively impact others at home and abroad.


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Our History

Business leaders in the community created the Innocademy concept In 1996, setting an ambitious goal to establish an educational curriculum based in the principles of innovation, global education, stewardship, and whole-child development. Innocademy schools first started in Zeeland, Michigan. Because expanding was always a part of the 5-10 year vision, in 2013, another school was started – iCademy Global, which offers an online or blended learning environment. We are excited that in August of 2014, Innocademy Allegan Campus will be the third school opened. All three of these schools integrate the set principles into an environment that intentionally instructs and measures student growth as  students work in teams, care for each other, accept and resolve differences, and exceed baseline and academic standards set by traditional K-12 systems in our region and state.

Because of the success of the Innocademy model and the 5-10 year vision, when IES, the non-profit management company of all Innocademy schools, came across an old charter school building located in Fennville, Michigan, at a price that couldn’t be refused, it was obvious that the next Innocademy model school would work to serve Allegan County with all the same foundations but with a new spin. This school’s curriculum will be focused on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) based curriculum to give students the 21st century skills needed to be successful in the future. Innocademy Allegan Campus will open it’s doors August of 2014.


Our Vision

Our goal is to graduate students with a skillset and critical approach ready for the 21st century – a toolkit they have already put to use while “learning and leading” during their 14 years at Innocademy. We aim to send our students out into the world with their eyes and hearts wide open to global needs and injustices. Our high-caliber teachers are supported and empowered to work collaboratively to achieve our school mission. We foster a culture, structure, and set of practices to establish Innocademy as a leader education locally, nationally, and globally.

Our Educational Goals

    • To prepare students for the 21st century through a strong global education curriculum
    • To make significant contributions towards educational best practices
    • To share the gift of education through global stewardship and the establishment of global Innocademy campuses
    • To emphasize the development of the whole child through character building
    • To meet and exceed the academic needs of each student

Our Leaders

Leadership is a cornerstone of Innocademy. We believe that each child is a born leader. We deliberately teach, model, and celebrate a culture of care and leadership. Innocademy is truly teacher-led. Our teachers are empowered to make operational, personnel, curricular, and financial decisions at our institution. Just as we ask our students to lead and learn from one another, we ask our teachers to act as mentors and coaches towards one another, resulting in high teacher satisfaction and ambition. Our staff values ongoing professional development. Each teacher “owns” a curricular area to which he or she is responsible, staying abreast of new information and sharing with the whole team. We embrace our role as change agents and are always learning and working to implement best practices. We keep our shared mission and vision front and center as we experiment and integrate new strategies that raise academic achievement and social and emotional growth.