Week of August 12, 2019

Learn to Be Fit All students participate in Learn to Be Fit (gym class) on Monday and Tuesday. Students are expected to wear shoes or have shoes to change in to that are meant for outdoor activities. Sandals and flip flops are not appropriate for safety reasons....

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8th Grade Graduation

Memories were made on June 20, 2019. The eighth grade students paraded through the classrooms saying good-bye to everyone, listened as Mr. Zach praised each and every one of them, were surprised when a limousine stopped by to pick them up, enjoyed an ice cream at...

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June 2019 Field Day

Field Day was a hit with our kindergarten through fifth grade students. (Middle school students spent the morning at Tech Camp, ate lunch at a park, and then spent the afternoon swimming.

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End of the Year Awards Ceremony

We strive to recognize the good in all of our students. We have weekly assemblies where students are praised and recognized for exhibiting IAC -- In control, Awareness, and Caring. In addition, we often hold all-school assemblies where we recognize students who have...

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